Thursday, December 1, 2016

A time to be soft.


Drinking coffee in a public place that the out of town travelers just walk on by without stopping. Making this place to eat breakfast and drink coffee a good place for me to do a little homework, and ideal for me and my feelings.

Relaxing to keep watching our world go by as we stop to think about it all that somehow reminds me of that Uncle Remus story about brother Rabbet's secret laughing place.

Rich or Poor should have their own laughing place to visit from time to time to escape from the work and struggles of our harsh realities don't you think. Our sense of humor does wonders for our pent-up emotions when we get a chance to simply laugh about what we really cannot do much about.

Donald Trump is "The Man" who will be helping the American people keep running this country US Government. So it is in everyone best interest, wealth, safety, and honor for us to have the incentive to hope that President Trump can do a better job than what was going on before.

Ecclesiastes said. "There is a time for everything under the sun" and I now also feel like this is the time for me to be soft, giving "The Man" Donald Trump the room and enough slack to help our US Government keep running better.

Carrier visit first on Trump victory tour: Live updates from Indianapolis

, IndyStar9:53 a.m. EST December 1, 2016
UPDATE 8:52 AM: 
NEW YORK - President-elect Donald Trump is poised to take a victory lap on Thursday, appearing first in Indiana to salute workers at a factory that he made a campaign promise to save and then in Ohio on the first stop of a “Thank You Tour” to honor the supporters in states that gave him his stunning victory.
The Midwest swing will be the first time Trump, who has shown an early inclination to revel in the role of showman-in-chief, has barnstormed across the country since the campaign. And both stops will feature Trump declaring victory after a campaign built on the lament that “we don’t win anymore” as a nation.
Getting ready to leave for the Great State of Indiana and meet the hard working and wonderful people of Carrier A.C.

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