Thursday, May 25, 2017

"A Country For And By The People."


Tell me how many of you believe the mainstream media telling you that our Countries US Government problems are because of Donald Trump? As the Washington DC establishment work hand and glove with this country's mainstream media to keep the Deep States Social status quo running our countries US Government just the way it is?


Personally, I don't believe this country's Washington DC establishment and media at all. Much less blaming President Trump for all of our US Government very nasty social corruption.

This steady focus of the media on Donald Trump relationship with Russia is only a distraction by this country's Establishment Deep State to get their corrupted puppet Congressmen and Senator's of the Washington DC establishment off the hook.

Somehow the Ivy League talking heads still feel like if they can only get Trump out of the White House they will be once again home free. To pick up where the Deep State left off with the media, Hollywood, the Hill, who keep playing you and me for political fools.

I guess the present day media simply don't want to believe that Donald Trump or not we the American people are the determent political force who will keep leading each other behind our own passion. To overcome this Deep States socialism along with their political ambition to keep moving into a global world government if we the people don't stop them.

No, I guess that the liberal mainstream media still thinks that we are all going to go home if they can cross up Donald Trump bad enough to not be political effective as the 45th, President of the United State's one way or another.

So I guess the Ivy League mainstream's media political wiseguys simply don't know us at all, do they?
Circa "Declassified memos show FBI illegally shared data on Americans with the third party."
The FBI has illegally shared raw intelligence about Americans with unauthorized third parties and violated other constitutional privacy protections, according to…

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