Monday, May 29, 2017

From 1960 to 2017 is 57 years ago and how the Vietnam War back then sorted out the wheat from the chaff.


The Vietnam war in the 1960-70s was the true Boogeyman to all of the draft age young men in this country at that time.

A lot of college-age men were looking for draft deferments so they would not need to serve. Then again even some more young men simply ran across the border into Canada.

Who became true blue draft dodgers of the third kind.

And these young American were nothing at all like the thousand of draft age men who wanted to serve to fight in the Vietnam Jungles War.

That War killing over 50 000 American soldiers.

Here is a brief history in pictures about the people that we honor today 57 years later, and who we don't because of their cowardliness choosing to keep running away from their responsibility's to their countrymen from back then.


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