Thursday, May 25, 2017

It's that bad because the bastion of this countries Universities is lunatic and dishonest. That why the squealing is so loud.

The US Government

If President Donald Trump can ever get his own appointment into the US Government replacing the desperate political crooks who are now trying to stay out of jail. The American people just might get the right break walking across the razor edge of this county US Government corruption. That has become our ever present everyday reality from living around all of these Ivy League wise guys who have done all of this social corruption within our three branches of government over the decades that we are living around today.

President Donald Trump is stalled because of all this stuff that we have been talking about and he can't really get started into doing what he wants to do. Because it is so bad about the United States Government doing criminal things infiltrated with these bad guilty people that they are all going to go to jail over if Trump succeeds.

So what does the Washington DC establishment have to lose by doing all of this stalling President Trump over the past five months?

So the media put out all these alarming political stories about Donald Trump and then jumble up what is real between right and wrong. This sounds simplistic but the US Government corruption is so bad that thousand of people will go to jail if President Trump gets his unfettered Presidential footing.

It's that bad.

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