Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Rebel with a cause. Freedom, Wealth, Honor.

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Thomas Williams: These people who want to lynch our country's Confederate flag and status simply have no respect for our country veteran, and that, of course, is simply too dirty to me. 

So I would rather lose with the rebel soldiers brave dead memory than win with this bunch of cry babies spilling their guts protesting the honor of people they don't know at all. 

The Confederate Soldiers scared honor will safely be respected for all eternity no matter how many media people say otherwise...The other people who are insighting all of this political dissension along with the people on the left who want to somehow be sympathetic to Islamic Terrorist. Keeps moving around with the crazy people who want to reject America's culture that gives them the platform in this present day time to be social lunatics.

So these protesting lunatics doesn't have to even work because somehow they are living in an American society that is giving them the option to do what they are doing.

Running around protesting.

Because the protesters don't need to work like you and me. So they don't.

This crazy present day brand of political protesters feel like they have the right to disturb and even kill your lifestyle, your way of life.

Becoming the age of madness.
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