Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Deep States wants everything muddled and unclear, but they are failing anyway.


Do you think that for one moment the German people doesn't see right through Angela Merkel? Because of course, they do.

We are getting the steady flow of our own American media propaganda who is helping this country Deep State to keep leaking everything that President Donald Trump is saying and doing.

The United States intelligence agency has become a very unreliable keeper of the world classified secrets and who is not trusted around the world anymore.

So I don't trust them either and I think that the German peoples will vote for someone else to lead them in Germany's next election. So whatever Merkel is now saying to everyone else means nothing to our US Government best interest here or in Europe.

Fear of the Middle East terror in Europe could very well be destroying the leaders running Europe.
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Some people seriously need to be institutionalized.

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