Friday, May 26, 2017

The US Government is now a massive giant vessel of corruption, and boy oh boy what a rip-off?

Tinker: The US Government is now a massive giant vessel of corruption, and boy oh boy what a rip-off?

There are truly some dirty dogs working in the Hall of Justice in the US Government ladies and gentleman. You guys have been in the habit recently of telling me the absolute truth by saying that this is "the age of madness" or "it's that bad."

Because of the way they are living now in Washington DC and the way they have been living in this US Government corruption setup. To manipulate how the Deep States wants to make everyone live in the Washington DC way.

Running the US Government through the Deep States legalism.

Twisting and turning the meanings of the definition of the law according to the Ivy League wise guys who have been working for the Deep State.

And this Deep State working in the Washington DC establishment have lawyers to do just that. Advise everyone how to talk and walk behave like they should if they want to stay a member of good standing in the Washington DC Country Club membership.

And if you don't behave how these Deep State lawyers and media are telling you to walk, talk, and think. You will be cast out of the Washington DC Country Club just as sure as I am now talking to you.

Donald Trump has been talking freely thinking that he has a natural born right to speak his mind because he is a natural born citizen of this United States.

Not so anymore because the Ivy League wise guys lawyers have changed all of that now. And God did not give you the right to your independence in America because the Deep State replaced God,  So now Mr. Trump you better hire a lawyer don't you see?

The Goodness in our countries forefathers US Constitution dared to imagine that Mr. Donald Trump was still living in a free country.

By Joe Tacopino

"The White House is considering whether to appoint a legal team to police President Trump’s tweets, it was revealed on Friday.
The administration could have lawyers scrutinize Trump infamous social media posts as numerous investigations have been launched into White House officials, according to The Wall Street Journal.
The lawyer’s goal would be to avoid potential pitfalls from the president’s verbose volleys on Twitter.
Trump, a prolific tweeter, has caused controversy during his time in office after issuing unverified claims about President Obama wiretapping the Trump Tower and attacks on former FBI director James Comey."

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