Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What does Jesus look like to you?


Whenever I see true love between people I feel God's divine attitude as taught and preached to us by Jesus Christ when he walked on this earths for our benefit over 2000 years ago.

Before Jesus God was a brutal God. Who was unbending and would strike you coldly and cruelly if you were not obeying God's word?

Jesus said no, your Lord God is a forgiving God. Who would like for you to have a chance to be saved so your mistakes and sins in your life can be forgiven? If not by you then by his divine attitudes? So repent to God all of your sorrows and sin's and be reborn so you can go home again with him in heaven, from where you came.

God's image to me is not so much of a man in the flesh but more of a real spirit of love and life that shrouds us when we are worthy of God grace. Much like we were at birth, clean, healthy and new with nothing but time and loving parents in front of us for the rest of our life.

Lucky to be born to a family and neighbors who are all feeling the grace of God divine spirit too. With the attitude of God helping us to understand our world better.

Free, healthy, unafraid, and in open discussion to speak about what is in our heart. He is very much like the light within my mind that helps me be my true self.

That is just some of what I see and think Jesus looks like to me.

Blake Shelton - God Gave Me You (Official Video)

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