Monday, May 29, 2017

Why is the Washington DC establishment fast to call Robert Mueller a straight shooter.


I have reservations about Robert Mueller Ex=FBI Chief who is now leading Trump/Russia Investigation. Because I just heard him say that he has a great affection for Princeton University.

Woe! Another Ivy League School that everyone told us is a revered place for higher learning.

That I have since learned over the years that the Ivy League University to be nothing more than a place young minds go to trick the American people into thinking that the Ivy League alumni are always one step ahead of you and me.

Courting our countries three branches of Government and media with their own Ivy League brand of legal definitions. That allow the Washington DC establishment Deep State Ivy League alumni Country Club members to corrupt and control the levers of our country's US Government power and wealth.

So now I fear that this special counsel Robert Mueller is simply the organizer of a Deep State Star Chamber designed to railroad President Donald Trump out of town in a Washington DC establishment Kangaroo Court.

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Princeton University

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