Saturday, June 3, 2017

Another point of view.

re: “It’s not gonna work on Trump,” he explained.
RCDfan1950: Tiger Droppings Political Rant

The Ideological bent of this Nation has undergone a transition to the Left, wherein Marxist Principles have become a (supposed) viable option for many Americans. It was not that long ago when Marxist were so feared and despised, that the US Senate (McCarthy) openly - contrary to Constitutional Principle - attempted to expose and prosecute them.

The (Progressive) 'Transition', I.e., "fundamental transformation" has progressed to the point that today the Ideological Demographics are evenly divided; though the Left owns the Numbers (Urban Populations) while the Right holds Geographic (Electoral College) advantage.

As this divide between polar Ideologies - which affect basic Individual Freedoms (Constitutional/God-given version) moves to a real tipping point for Leftist authority taking hold...the antipathy and passion from a challenged Right...come to the fore. And "Don't Tread on Me" becomes a banner of traditional patriotic Americans.

Re "
I don't know how to stop our countries TV Networks and Newspapers reporting our everyday news in a perverted way either.
, TW...the answer to this is that you CAN NOT unless you destroy the very Foundation of Constitutional Principle, the First Amendment, Freedom of Speech. Out goes the baby with the bathwater.

The irony in this whole scenario is that it is less likely that the morality of Marxist Ideology will overcome Capitalist/Individual Freedom Principle - and American Government Ideological authority - and more likely that the technological innovation which will ultimately spur massive job losses and an increased availability/cheaper supply of basic goods and services...WILL force Government to transform into a legitimate arbiter of individual's access to said basic goods and services.

Now whether there ends up being any form of Societal/Government 'Qualifying' criteria - moral or practical - or whether such relative affluence is (re) distributed on an equality (Egalitarian) basis, remains to be seen. Egalitarian Subsidization across the board - minus any form of Qualifier - can in effect be a form of subsidizing immorality and impracticality. And it is pretty obvious where that would go; as the evidence is already right in front of us in many (subsidized) scenarios. "Behold, there is a way that seemeth right unto the man, but the end thereof is destruction" (Good Book).

Of course, there is always a middle ground and Wisdom. The problem is whether or not the People are without "eyes that see and ears that hear", and are too impassioned to think clearly. Kinda like will Poche/Tigers excel when the heat is on...or fold. Only time will tell.

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