Monday, June 26, 2017

Back when they were younger in the recent American past.


The United Stated of America was inhabited by people with the soul of people living the era right after the roaring 20s and that Jazz Age, and of course before that. On through the 1930 depression that went into the 1940s world War II.

The 1950s Rhythm and Blues generation moved our music and culture into the Rock and Roll-Do Wop fun that we still like today.

Something called Rap music began sweeping across the music world that has lasted all the way to now in our 2017 kind of entertainment that we are enjoying until something else comes along.

Through all of the last century music and cultural history, no one has tried to censorship the historical music out of this country's past. So I beg to ask everyone reading my reflections about this now. Who are these foolish people trying to censor the Music, Statues, and Symbols of old out of today American life?

Are these political vandals really thinking that they can get along with the rest of us behaving like that now?

Ole Miss Alumni Band Plays From Dixie With Love (we are now banned from playing in public)
And I can't help but smile looking at these same Ole Miss Band Members when they thrilled the Ole Miss Fans and all of Dixie with this self-same song called Dixit with the Battle Hymn of the Republic Trilogy, back when they were younger in this countries recent past.

Ole Miss Band Playing Dixie With Love For The Last Time In The Grove!

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