Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Bravery always ends in true honor for the people doing so.

Artist Mocking Attorney General Jeff Sessions
Thomas Williams:

Just like our countries brave Vietnam soldiers who fought in that jungle war only to come home to freakier people calling themselves hippies. 

That began spitting on the Vietnam soldiers as ugly baby killers. 

Tell me who do you respect now today? The people who spit on those American soldiers coming home or the soldiers who worked at controlling their own feeling doing they duty for their family and countries wealth, and safety? 

So the real honor goes to all the brave soldiers fighting for their countries cause in all the wars they fought and died in. Because that was in the real time that they were living. 

So I have no respect at all for scurrilous people talking bad about other people they don't really know who chose to keep fighting for their freedom. No, it is the critics who I see as cowards giving into they own fears and not fighting for their countries freedom and honor at all.  

Our countries or any country's soldiers have nothing at all to do with these scurrilous people mocking other who choose to fight. Real soldiers choose to face the music and not run away from fighting in the real war of life and death. 

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