Monday, June 26, 2017

But never the less there it is.

Pat Buchanan

The Barack Obama people who are still working for the Washington DC establishment and who are running this country's US Government the way that the Deep States wants them too. Are very determined to somehow run President Trump out of town even after the American people voted for him to be the 45th, President of the United States.

That is how badly the Washington DC Deep State has been entrenched into the way this country US Government run's today.

Donald Trump is still trying to install his politically like-minded people into all three branches of our Government moving out the Deep State obstructions against you and my politics out of the way.

We the American people stood in long lines to select Donald Trump President of the United States, and not vote for the puppet Deep State Candidate, Hillary Clinton.

That we the American people are seeing in real time how corrupted our country's US Government really is, and now how very ugly and hateful the mainstream media behaves. Frankly, every time I listen to a mainstream TV Networks News program broadcast now, I feel dirty. From all the mainstreams media political propaganda filth that we keep hearing said about the man of our choice President Donald Trump.

It is truly hard for a lot of my close friends to believe such a terrible thing about this country US Government officials. That our elected officials just kept employing a bunch of very nasty behaving people to keep them in power. But never the less there it is.

Read what Pat Buchanan is saying about the Deep State vs President Trump.

"Sunday on New York AM 970 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” conservative political commentator Pat Buchanan said there was a “classic struggle” going on in Washington D.C. where the “deep state and its media allies seek to bring down Donald Trump.”
“I think we’ve got a classic struggle here, John, between the incoming Trump presidency, which is really embattled in its first five months, and what might be called the Deep State, which is the permanent government in Washington, D.C.,” Buchanan told host John Catsimatidis.
He added, “The Deep State and its media allies seek to bring down Donald Trump and reverse the election returns of 2016.”
Buchanan went on to say the struggle is “causing a great conflict” in Washington D.C., adding it was “unlike” anything he had seen since the final days of Watergate."
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