Saturday, June 10, 2017

How Washington DC really runs and it is our civic responsibility to keep supporting the honest people that we elect, and not the rest of who keep hurting us instead.

X-FBI Director James Comey is no homie and all of us who are still living out here in the world have now noticed that fact of Jim Comey personality out the hard way. All because James Comey was such an inside player working for today Federal Government.

James Comey was a Washington DC political man playing with all of the other political players running this country US Government for better or worst.

Married by the same Deep State "Rite of Passage" ritual blessing that allows them to keep playing in the highest public office in our Government just as long as they do not rock the establishment boat.

So just as long as James Comey walks and talks like everyone else in the three branches of government, media, and the K- Street membership club, they will do just find in and out of office. Because big money has their Washington DC players back and the game is to keep rubbing the back of the elitist country club members who caught onto the political ropes running Washington DC in the Washington DC way.

By not getting caught bending or breaking the Laws of the United States. And becoming pals with the Ivy League legal language that keeps them in the US Government boat as they keep ripping off the rest of the American people.

Telly Savalas said this right before he dies, "It's a rip off baby"

So Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan is right, "Donald Trump is new to how Washington DC really runs."

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