Tuesday, June 13, 2017

James Comey can't help but keep palling around with this country Deep State for his own political survival? And Robert Mueller knows it.

Robert Mueller

X-FBI Director James Comey is nothing but a stooge for the Deep State saying that President Trump is a man with some kind of pestilence or something.

James Comey "couldn't talk to Donald Trump because he was afraid of him" what is all of that bull talk about because Comey was the head of the FBI for goodness sake. So I don't believe that lame excuse at all.

No! This guy is a stooge for the Deep State for real being a plant spying on President Donald Trump and working that way all through James Comey's time with the FBI.

James Comey protected Barack Obama all along and he certainly kept looking over Hillary Clinton missteps by keeping her out of jail. That explains Hillary laissez fair attitude using her own computer server dealing on the side with the Clinton Foundation and everything else the Clinton said and done in office working for the US Government.

James Comey was always a political player working for the Deep States protecting the other Washington DC establishment members illegal back.

Yes, so help me God ladies and gentleman all these past years political turn of events tells me that James Comey is not a homie to you and me because he is bought and paid for by this Countries Washington DC establishment Deep State.

Special counsel's team includes former Clinton Foundation lawyer, contributors to Obama, Hillary, more

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