Friday, June 2, 2017

"So what are they planning to do to get the money for that?"

 Carl DeMaio
Joe Brunner

The Commiefornia legislature is an example of the old adage, 'power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely'.... they have already passed a gas and vehicle tax that is not for roads and such, it is just a veiled maneuver to cover the ever growing state pension debt. Carl DeMaio is attempting to collect signature to recall a politician in Orange County in order to bust their two-thirds majority which gives them the ability to pass tax bills without public approval. Well as you all know, the demo-quacks are just pawns of the unions, so would it surprise anyone to know that the Sacramento politicians (read Governor Brown and duly elected gangsters) are using union tactics to try to stop the signature gathering. Always remember that when unions do not get their way they always resort to violence. So things could get interesting very soon........
Joe Brunner: What I forgot, the legislature is now attempting to pass single payer health care a totally socialist approach and the price tag is 400 Billion, which is more than the current state budget. so what are they planning to do to get the money for that?
Thomas Williams:
I have always believed that Mother nature will win out in the end, no matter what. So I still hope that the people living in California will overcome the social evil in the form of the political formula that is still trying to control their very life out West one day real soon. Because who in their right mind would try and live our short brief-lived lives without feeling freedom?

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