Saturday, June 24, 2017

So why in the hell should I vote for the Democrats too?

Everyone knows where President Donald Trump stands

The Democrats have divided their own party by collusion against Bernie Sanders, hacking into Donald Trump candidacy and listening to his privet conversations with everyone. And working hand and glove with CNN to corruptly give Hillary Clinton the answers to the questions in the Presidential debate.

Now we are seeing in real time just how much the Hollywood, Ivy League, and liberals media elites have always hated all of the Trump supporters, and of course Trump himself.

So now that the American people are seeing just how the liberal Washington DC establishment has been running our countries US Government over the past years.

Is it any wonder that the American people are electing everybody else. Because something else is absolutely better than this brand of Democrats politics that is not honest politicking at all. But this group of hoodlums gaming the system who keep using and abusing their own constituents.

This group of left-wing Democrats is nothing like JFK Democratic Party at all. So why in the hell should I vote for them too?

So I will support President Trump trying to do something better than the Washington DC establishment was so badly doing before. Just look at this domestic and foreign policy mess?

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