Friday, June 2, 2017

Thanks for that study.

Joe Brunner

Another really good post with no share button, so copy and paste.....
Beth Hinkle-- "India was not going to follow the Paris Accord until America gave them 1.3 trillion dollars. And China refused to follow any of it.

The Paris Accord steals money from the American public and funnels it back to the Democrat Party... that is exactly why the Democrats are so upset. The EU was being paid 5 billion dollars annually as part of the global warming scam. If Democrat politicians really cared they would have fixed the Flint water debacle and not poison people for two years when Donald Trump fixed it in 90 days.

The Paris Accord would have cost America 10 trillion dollars in the next 8 years in energy production and jobs for our people. It's a little less obvious than dropping off pallets of cash stacked five feet high in the dark of the night like they did with Iran."

- Joey Gauger
shared via Shawnee Tomassee

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