Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The US Government people sold us out a long time ago.

President Donald Trump, AG Jeff Sessions, FBI Director James Comey.

Yes, it is painful and unbelievable how stupid they must think we are. "Yes, sir. You got that right brother."

"It is hard to listen to other people telling you what to think, touch, and feel, turning into a complete conversation of these media people talking like that".

And the mainstream TV networks are truly busy doing just that on most of the political news programs that we are seeing today.

I don't know how to explain such a thing on our TV sets these days?

It is almost like a phenomenal development in how the mainstream media is broadcasting their TV programs to us every day. A 2017 media phenomena in reporting to us the daily news.

We are simply there for the use of the TV Networks for us to tune into by the numbers and sit quietly and listen to what the TV reporter tell us, Whether we like what they are saying or not.

We are their conversation piece about our life that is whatever they tell me it is. That my politics, reasoning power, education is what they say it is. I  tuned into the lowdown on how she the NSA leaker noticed that the Russians were trying to insert a computer cookie that holds a modest amount of data into our American election system.

How can I explain what I felt about what I heard in the way she was living and why she leaked that classified government information to the Press?

I guess you guys told me the answer. That we are listening to a Broadcasting Company's moments of madness. and it doesn't matter if I'm sane or insane. Because I don't matter at all when I tune into their TV programs I lose everything that I am or want to be because this TV Networks program murderers me very quickly.

I die as soon as I tune in.

"Don't leave me alone with him said, James Comey"

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