Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Washington DC establishment investigations are hurting instead of helping.


Special counselor Bob Mueller personal vendetta against President Trump is now hurting this country wealth safety and honor Mr. Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein?

So instead of appealing to the weak mainstream news media looking for one sensational soundbite photo op to sell one after another. How about rescuing this country population from these Deep State corrupted political investigations hurting our country?

And that this country Washington DC establishment media led by the New York Times still wants to keep dividing our country's population into political racial groups that are always fighting in a cutthroat way with each other that has always felt very sinful to me.

Yes, stand up and be counted because the Washington DC establishment Deep State started criminalizing politics thereby breaking our social trust by crossing the line that we all agree to before. Tell me what is worse than a political welsher who doesn't pay off his bet?.


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