Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Attack that sadistic little creep now.


President Trump said that he wasn't going to allow an InterContinental missile that can reach the United States in North Korea hands.

Time for talking is over Mr. President so attack that sadistic little creep now.
Charles Spearman: Agree, but having worked the military area here, It takes a little time to get all the bases covered. The SCUD problem is the biggest. Mobile and easy to hide till launch. Out systems have to be in position all around to cover their launches. The border will be overrun by soldiers in minutes, South Korea has their weapons ready all the time. It will have to be a decisive, quick, and well orchestrated hit to take all of his systems out. Lost of life in North Korea will be great. But they are mostly brainwashed into thinking the West is out to get them anyway.
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