Saturday, July 1, 2017

California dreaming up more nightmares.

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Thomas Williams: Hypocrite liberal left wing California morons who still think that they are the leader's of liberal politics who keep censoring out everyone else's political feelings. 

Who, are you talking to you stupid idiot?
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Rick Worby: I thought I remember the city of Los Angeles doing this a year or so ago and not a single person surrendered them to the police. By the way, nice cameo by the Brady campaign's A-rated Senator Leland Yee in the back there who is currently in prison for selling machine guns and rocket launchers smuggled in from the Philippines.
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John Hague You California has totally screwed yourselves's and you deserve it for letting these socialist rule you. They are increasing their overwhelming force against you and you let them do it. This is the reason our forefathers wrote the second amendment.

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