Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I'm celebrating our country's Independence day with you, my countrymen, and not with today's politically correct police.


When we walk out into our countries parks, lakefront, and open spaces on this 4th, of July today knowing that we the people like feeling our social trust between each other.

Reassuring our country's independence Birthday with our own faith, strength, and truth, I will not feel alone.

So breaking our countrymen's social trust like we are seeing in the way that the Washington DC establishment politically correct media police keep doing, seems very socially sick to me to President Trump, and seeing them run the US Government in their Deep State corrupted way feels very appalling.

Bill Bennett said, "That we have lived in agreement with the spirit of the United States Constitution longer than any other country has stayed true to their own, on earth."

So I will be celebrating my Independence Day in the spirit of you who I know to be real Americans in ever sense of the word.

Our Countryman's 4th of July Birthday celebrating our independence from intrusive and abusive political treachery.



Pat Buchanan: 'Are we passing on the house we inherited – or observing its demolition?' All of which invites the question: Are we still a nation? And what is a nation?

French writer Ernest Renan gave us the answer in the 19th century:

“A nation is a soul, a spiritual principle. Two things … constitute this soul, this spiritual principle. One is the past, the other is the present. One is the possession in common of a rich legacy of memories; the other is present consent, the desire to live together, the desire to continue to invest in the heritage that we have jointly received.
“Of all cults, that of the ancestors is the most legitimate: our ancestors have made us what we are. A heroic past with great men and glory … is the social capital upon which the national idea rests. These are the essential conditions of being a people: having common glories in the past and a will to continue them in the present; having made great things together and wishing to make them again.”
Does this sound at all like us today?
Watching our Lilliputians tearing down statues and monuments, renaming buildings and streets, rewriting history books to replace heroes and historical truths with the doings of ciphers, are we disassembling the nation we once were?
“One loves in proportion to the sacrifices that one has committed and the troubles that one has suffered,” writes Renan, “One loves the house that one has built and that one passes on.”
Are we passing on the house we inherited – or observing its demolition?
Happy Fourth. And God bless the USA.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2017/07/is-america-still-a-nation/#eZzOhZ00YbwUsZPs.99


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