Thursday, July 6, 2017

."I don't draw Red lines"


We are now simply talking and behaving honestly with everyone thanks to President Donald Trump. Rather than keep playing along with the decay and lies that were told by the people who led our wonderful country before.

What kind of fools was running the United States for the past 50 years?

President Trump has a sharp eye on economics as he is now selling natural Gas and Oil to Poland and the rest of Europe world countries.

So that consumer item is just one of the very good products the United States can trade with everyone else. An honest way of free training that can benefit everyone and not just them and not America like what was going on before Donald Trump became President.

How much Gas & Oil Germany has?

President Donald Trump is calm cool and collected dealing with everyone else as this countries mainstream media keep spilling their guts because of their Washington DC establishment candidate Hillary Clinton lost.

Thank God for the American people who voted Donald Trump the 45th, President of the United States.

The first question by an American media reporter was how about the CNN video?

Please, Mr. & Mrs. Media we the American people want to see and hear about what else is going on around our world.  You self-serving waste of my time lost perverted souls.

So I feel a lot better now as I quote President Donald Trump. "I don't draw Red lines"

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Trump is welcomed in Warsaw ahead of speech to thousands bused in by the government – as ordinary Poles say 'anyone who Merkel and Putin don't like is good news for us'

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