Saturday, July 15, 2017

"You go, Deanna"

Hey New Orleans 48 hour filmmakers, I am available if you need me in your film, seeking a lead or strong supporting role, my reels are at
, hit me up if ya need me and I may possibly be able to help you on crew too, I prefer to Direct, but I'm also great as a Producer, AD and with Set Design.
Born on 7/19/1982. Credited SAG/AFTRA actress, Deanna Meske, NCIS New Orleans & worked with Scott Bakula, Shirley Maclaine, Christopher Plummer.…
Michael Folsom - You go, Deanna
41 Mins
Thomas Williams - Great news, where is my wallet so I can purchase some tickets before they are all gone. So when and where they are playing? Let's go see the Stars Shine.

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