Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How could so many other people in and out of our country's not be civilized in 2016.

Thomas Williams
Frankly I did not realize at the time that the early part of everyone childhood helped to keep developing our own personalities directly from the places, things and people that we were living with and moving around.

And that experience kept shaping our feeling that we feel in the memories that we have of the Trees, Sidewalks, Front Porch Steps, Neighborhoods, Parks, and favorite places in our youth that has developed who we are and influence our own personality attitude today.

 So I to was attractive by all of these things in our life that everyone else were too.
I took my own unique path where and when I lived that saw me made some very good decisions, but also some lousy choices too. But I have always been grateful to my Parent, Family, Teachers, Friends, and God for not letting me to turn out like a lot of other people in my life that just kept getting it wrong.

The poor baby's just seem to have kept wasting their life away on so many destructive fears, and unhappy feeling that were not all that important. That in some cases destroyed them by eliminating them from circulation.  And somehow I was lucky enough to developed compassion for other people in my youth, that has bless me all the days on my life until now. And I am telling you about this now because I want you to know how astonished I am over how we become like this with them, the not so lucky people?

That we cannot go into an Airport now without a fanatic suicide bomber who keep wanting to kill us because we come from my own background.
How has this happen in our lifetime where people are living in some kind of mental state, and are having emotional fantasies on a holy Ramadan day to gain the favor of Allah, by killing other people who they think are evil infidels?
Why are we leaving these crazy people to keep preaching insanity in Muslim Mosque and Governments all over the World?
These people are still in the dark ages with a backwards point of view of people who live in different sections of the world. So who in their right mind allows people thinking and preach insanity in church and Government Institutions.

How could so many other people in and out of our countries not be civilized in 2016? And now we must go kill them with all of the power and might that we have.
Istanbul Ataturk airport attack: 41 dead and more than 230 hurt - BBC News

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