Saturday, March 25, 2017

New York mayor De Blasio should be put out of circulation.

Why hasten someone punched this ugly man in his mouth yet?
New York City mayor discusses recent murder of man in Manhattan.

Do you think that the Republican House freedom caucus members are a great statesman? Because I don't.

The Republican House freedom caucus members

To hell with the like-minded Snow White conservative caucus friends, who kept asking for more and more conservative demands. Like to not have 26-year-old children on their parent's medical insurance. And no more pre-existing condition, or federal government money for poor American people at all.

To have a pure conservative free market medical care bill instead of the moderator Paul Ryan President Donald Trump American care bill.

So, of course, the moderate Republican House members have become truly disgusted with the so-call House freedom caucus member gleefully defeating the American Healthcare Bill.

Calling themselves great statesman.


How can the American people win against a politically designed stacked deck, to begin with?


Where do you go for trying to keep seeking justice against the two Political Party system running the US Government who are just alike in the way that they used their Deep State political corruption against you and me?

Do you go to the mainstream media who likes this Washington DC establishment running our country US Government and society just the way it is?

The James Comey FBI?

The politized NSA?

The constant abusive interpretation of the Constitution of the United States by the Supreme Court Justices?

Who do we gather togeather in our country's neighborhoods today? To vote against the present day political corruption addicting the American people who are becoming more dependent on the US Government tax payers money that they the ruling politicians control?

Where do we go for social justice now, Hollywood?



One year ago about the different Animals using the same bull talking Sh**.

Absolutely! The DC establishment raw power politics against you, me, and our countrymen.
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Friday, March 24, 2017

Liberal Media freak John McCain

John McCain

Do you think it's time for John McCain to retire?
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Karen Smith He's insane like Pelosi! GO GO DONALD TRUMP GO! Build the wall! Send all illegals home including these Muslims Obama has brought into our Country! End all Benefits for illegals immediately! Fine ALL employers hiring them! Take our Country back! Thankyou Jesus for President Donald Trump! GO GO DONALD TRUMP GO!
Ronald Smith Miguel his fellow pows called him the songbird because he ratted on them every chance he got for special treatment and you back him, shame on you
Joseph Abi-Najm The over time you staying senator the more crazy things you going to ssy and damage the party. . Thanks for your services. .
But get the hell out and now!!!!!!!
Brenda Jackson Go home John, we do not need you songbird traitor McCain. Can't wait until you are elected out of office. Hope it will be soon. You are as dangerous to the USA as you were to your fellow POW.
Stephen Brown Thank you senator McCain for speaking out and asking pthat Congress investigate the Russian involvement in our past presidential election. Now, we may have to investigate even further into DonaldTrump's personal business involvement with ! Russia now and in the past. Our country's democracy and safety are both in danger if Trump has been compromised by his relationship with Russia!
LikeReply28March 4 at 9:00pm
James Johnson John McCain is a true American Patriot and Hero. He suffered torture and starvation because he gave the Vietnamese Communists a ration of well deserved shit every time they attempted t compromise him. If you are getting your "facts" from you tube and...See More
LikeReply18March 8 at 8:11pm
Miguel Tejada Tapia No, please don't. I think he's the voice of reason in the Trump Storm. Keep up the great job, we need many, many more like this great war hero.
Leonard Dacus He is in a very bad position in his life,once a veteran hero,sad now he is bitter an evil in his thinking, should get out of his position until he gets his life straight get the evil thing under control.
Carol Busse I believe he is still bitter at our President when they were all running for President and President Trump called him out on things.He is still very bitter and I don't believe he is going to let it go . He will do and say things anywhere and IN ANY COUNTRY to discredit our President. He and Lindsay Graham are pretty much in this together. Republicans, don't think so. Angry men, I believe so.
LikeReply30March 1 at 1:43pm
Rene Rodriguez Senator John McCain you should retired you've been there too long in the Senate and you Grumble and murmur and complain too much you have not done your work for the past 30 plus years nothing has been done with previous Administrations you need to let it go and let a new Senator come in and take over and run the country with Donald Trump our new president stop whining and complaining move on.
Wayne Westerfield Oh, but I thought you all loved him?!?! Praised him for years and now that bozo Trump is in office, McCain calls him out for being absolutely ignorant, you guys freak out. Somebody definitely drank some koolaid!!!' SMH
LikeReply12March 5 at 9:22amEdited