Monday, June 27, 2016

It is down to two now, so you and I will make it the one.

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton
Thomas Williams

There is only two people left for you to choose from on November 8 2016. And who according to your vote will be the next President of the United States. Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.
According to the election experts "The November election will come down to seven states, Colorado, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Nevada, Iowa, and New Hampshire. The other 43 (with a few rare exceptions) are largely pre-ordained. States that vote Democratic or Republican in presidential elections have remained that way since John F. Kennedy's era. There have been only a handful of exceptions in states such as Indiana or North Carolina."

"But those exceptions are rare. If the party's leadership supports their candidate (and I would argue that the GOP leadership will eventually swing in behind the Trump candidacy, because to fail to do so would end their party), then historical patterns and political data all show that the real presidential election is confined to just seven states: Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa and New Hampshire."
Quotes from a March 1, 2016, USA News column by Jeff Nesbit ....

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