Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pickett's Charge.

Tinker Town Tiger
Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Pickett's Charge.

What made these men first walk, and then run, towards the cannons across that uneven mile torn ground, in the Battle of Gettysburg, again their Yankee foe hidden behind a stone wall with rifles.

Thousands of Southern Soldiers shoulder to shoulder in lines together and in the line of fire, getting shot, cut, and all of them out in the open, dying for sure.

Yet they pressed further into the breach of hell, until hardly any one was left. What made these brave men keep the faith dying from the attack in Pickett's Charge?

And is what I feel now in the memory of those men, even after all of these past years since they did what they did, the answer in what made them charge anyway?

Yes of course! It is the passion in their spirit that they honor then, and that we honor now. To even die for their countries cause that I feel so long ago. And how they carried their country's mental all the way until their last dying breath, which I keep feeling and seeing about them today.

Those Southern Soldiers were extraordinary brave that day and I would like to believe in the honor of those men spirit then, that their valor just might even happen in us now once again. Virginia's Glory (Pickett's Charge)

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