Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The media keeps over using the race card.

We are trapped by the big money Whore House in the Western Hemisphere.

The media is still trying to get the remnants that is now running the England Parliament to ignore the English people will about leaving the EU. And are trying to find a way of not going along with the Brexit leave vote.

And to double cross the English people anyway.

Because the media is the same entity now working for the world order gang who wants a Super State running the Western Hemisphere. And who now own the media you and me look to for our daily information.

So that is our ugly reality today on our Television that is a Whore House with the eye candy prostitutes talking to us about what the World Order people wants. The no-boarders’ people selling all of us out for a handful of silver. So these TV prostitutes just keep all of us looking at what they are saying on TV.

Keeping us drinking so we will keep paying attention to their TV Show for appearance sake. So anyway we look at that we become used for the open boarders own self-serving political reasons.
England voted to stop all of that. But the no-boarders’ people are still refusing to let go, until the people make them go.
The referendum result has stoked dangerous nationalistic fervor across Britain.
huffingtonpost.com|By Willa Frej

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