Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bill is telling the truth.

WATCH – Liberals Said ‘Trump is HITLER!’, But Bill O’Reilly ANNIHILATED Them

When someone begins to compare a person to Hitler, they’ve failed their argument in advance. Recently, people tend to compare Hitler to Trump, but Bill O’Reilly provided hem with an earnest opinion of his which he supported with facts.
O’Reilly used a recent talking points to go after the left Hitler comments, stating, “It is more than a stretch; it’s a strategy, with the intention of not only demeaning Trump, but his supporters as well.”
They instigate intense verbal attacks on police officers who arrest black men who happen to be criminals. These liberal fascists call them racists, however, they are just doing their job.
America is in the grips of a porous southern border prone to human smuggling and drug trafficking.
There is a growing Jihadist terror threat that liberals such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton refuse to define. Obama, of course, won’t even name terrorism, much less fight it!
Moreover, liberals have a tendency to impose their will on business owners and force them to do things such as gay marriage or force nuns to be involved in birth control.
To wit, political correctness has run amok and even people with sincerely held religious beliefs cannot escape its wake.
O’Reilly capped off his commentary by outlining the blatant ignorance of some who would compare Trump to the 1930’s mass murderer by explaining that there is absolutely nothing about Trump that indicates fascism.
On the other hand, Donald Trump has quickly become a symbol of furious dissent for those who long have looked at how out-of-control our country has become because of those on the far left. Trump seeks to give voice to people such as you and me, who have become intensely frustrated at the system.
If you see carefully Donald Trump on the one, and Hilary Clinton on the other side, the two are completely incomparable. When we talk about Hillary, there hasn’t been a worse nominee in American history. Maybe Dukakis. Trump, on the other hand, wishes to provide the extreme, yet sensible solutions for the many issues our nation has.

How do you feel regarding O’Reilly’s clip where he summarizes the most common issues with liberals and them being closer to Hitler than Trump ever will?

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