Friday, July 22, 2016

Donald Trump is one of us.

Thomas Williams
We can really do this with the right leaders.

How green is my valley when the American news media keeps trying to manipulate the population of the United States in the way that the liberal-minded Washington DC Country Club crony capitalism wants them too?

This present-day very unholy Ivy League US Government Greek oracle advice to keep appeasing the vulgarity of the misinformed school children, who are only tearing down the higher standard of this country's School curriculum. Instead of enforcing the old tried-and-true discipline necessary to guide the children into respecting their teachers, class mates, institutions of learning, and themselves better. And to keep creating a classroom feeling where everyone can relax to learn.

Helping the good in Mother Nature and trying like hell to simply survive the bad that can harm or kill us. Working in dignity and grace to keep fighting for the chance to keep loving our family and friends for the rest of our lives.

And to free our minds from the history of humanity's social complexes that somehow has people disliking and fearing other people on sight. Either because of their skin color, or social status, and the addicting corruption of the wealth and power from Government all over the world for thousands of years. We must demand better behavior of the people running our country’s Government intuitions.
I once read a newspaper writer reporting the launch of a United States Rocket that was launched from Cape Kennedy’s Missile Range heading to the moon. By saying this about that Apollo 8 launch. "a lonely speck of life challenging a vast untraveled void, streaked farther."

And how that truly captured the feeling that we have been facing traveling through the dark with all of what we now know. To keep succeeding as best we can because of our talents, and skills, because stupid really doesn't work at all.

So I am going to vote for Donald Trump too.
Mark Cuban: "Dear world. Please ignore what the loud guy in the suit is saying. Americans are nothing like him. We love our country and are proud of it."

"Please ignore what the loud guy in the suit is saying. Americans are nothing like him," Cuban said.


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