Friday, July 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton is a liar, a fat cat super rich woman just from working for the US Government.

What’s the case for Hillary Clinton?

By Charles Krauthammer Opinion writer July 28 at 8:20 PM
“The best darn change maker I ever met in my entire life.” So said Bill Clinton in making the case for his wife at the Democratic National Convention. Considering that Bernie Sanders ran as the author of a political revolution and Donald Trump as the man who would “kick over the table” (to quote Newt Gingrich) in Washington, “change maker” does not exactly make the heart race.

Which is the fundamental problem with the Hillary Clinton campaign. What precisely is it about? Why is she running in the first place?

Like most dynastic candidates (most famously Ted Kennedy in 1979), she really doesn’t know. She seeks the office because, well, it’s the next — the final — step on the ladder.

Her campaign’s premise is that we’re doing okay but we can do better. There are holes to patch in the nanny-state safety net. She’s the one to do it.

It amounts to Sanders lite. Or the short-lived Bush slogan: “Jeb can fix it.” We know where that went.


Did anyone else find Chelsea's homage a tad light in energy and emotion? It came across like a rehearsed speech, not from the heart.
Bill's seemed more heartfelt, but then he's been disbarred for lying.
Krauthammer sure seems confused what the case for Hillary Clinton might be.
I never thought I'd say this, but he could take some clues from his colleague Jennifer Rubin.
The only reason Krauthammer is so down on things these days is because Lucifer didn't make it to the top of the con's ticket. Instead the Anti-Christ won the R's clown car contest.
Why do 68% of polled Americans distrust Hillary? The same percentage probably think Trump is a buffoon.
1:32 PM EST
40 years of Krauthammer and cons BS. None of it really proven.
The Sanders revolt faded? Even the Republican journalists on WaPo are failing to report the protests outside, censorship on Twitter and Facebook, various protest signs and banners in the stadium that were edited out of mainstream media coverage, something that overrode the ability for delegates on the floor to be heard (white noise machine or cutting off the microphones in certain sections, both suppressing speech), etc.

MSM has doubled down on the collusion exposed in the WikiLeaks DNC email release and refused to cover anything not approved by the party line. Absolutely transparent and absurd. WaPo is directly contributing to the confusion, fear and anger felt by people whose voices and votes have been suppressed by their failure to provide honest coverage. If there is a delusion that all of this will go away if ignored you need to reassess.
So, this is case for Hillary:
• She is not insane
• She has not been indicted 
1:26 PM EST
She's Mother Theresa come back!
1:27 PM EST
Guess you decided not to watch the convention, eh?

John M Armstrong
1:27 PM EST
She is not Trump
She is not a racist
She is not a thief
She is not an orange buffoon
She is not a traitor

All of the things that Trump is. 
1:29 PM EST
How about grifter, liar and casual about national security?
John M Armstrong
"The nanny state". Krauthammer you area fool. An often loquacious fool. Your ideology reduces to "more for me and mine" and ends up nominating Trump. I know you opposed him editorially, but your "conservatism" is a sham and ends up with fascism. Truly pathetic.
Glycine Airman
1:31 PM EST
LiberalProgressive fascism is the real threat!
"The burning civil rights issue of the day is bathrooms"???? Please read today's decision from the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals re the "discriminatory" effort of the North Carolina legislature to hamper the vote of minorities. And, puh-lease stop going to Charles Murray for wisdom. Seriously?
1:22 PM EST [Edited]
Trump vows to "Make America Great Again"--I assume he means the post-war boom years. What's funny about that is the country has moved in a conservative direction since then. Unions were a fixture in the economy, helping workers get good wages and benefits; Tax rates were much higher; domestic policy paved the way for cheap mortgage rates; the interstate highway system was built.

These are all, progressive, internal-improvement policies. These are all ideas championed by the Democrats. What am I missing here? If we want to make America great again--although it is surely great right now--we should look back over our history at what has worked. Supply side, voodoo economics is a fairy tale. Investment in the American people, investment in infrastructure, living wages for more middle class and working poor purchasing power, cheaper higher education, those are tried and true measures to fix what ails our economy, yet the GOP is against all these ideas.

The GOP's economic platform: ", Reagan...uh tax cuts...hmmm, did we say tax cuts?"
1:24 PM EST
Tax revenues as a percentage of GDP were much less in the 1950's than today. All those transfer programs adopted since then are the main reason.

Thomas Williams
The problems with Hillary Clinton speech is that we have become as a nation drunk, inebriated by speeches, and sound bite about oratory rhetoric. Hillary Clinton is a liar, a fat cat super rich woman just from working for the US Government.

Our Government of Senators, Congressman and White House staff members, are not suppose to get rich working for the US Government on our be-haft. Using that power and privilege by serving the American people, and not getting rich doing it. No! That is against the spirit of elect them into doing that job. And never become personally rich at our countryman tax paying expense.

And up until this point in 2016 we are having a Government disaster because of the way Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been running our country's Ship of State. So the speech was OK as speeches go but she still just keeps lying about what she says to me.

Did you know that Bill Clinton dodge the Vietnam War Mr. Father of Muslims in America? So before you accuse Donald Trump of what you said you should check out your own friends instead..
1:26 PM EST
The Clintons made their money in the private sector.
1:27 PM EST
It's called selling influence. Pay for play in other words.
1:26 PM EST
I have a copy of the Constitution you can borrow, Thomas Williams.
John M Armstrong
1:32 PM EST
The sky is falling... the sky is falling... all is bleak, all is drear. I know because Rush told me it's so.
Here's what it really boils down to Chuck. 40 years of failed GOP policy.
You built this, my friend
1:21 PM EST
The Reagan revolution produced the longest growth spurt in the country's history.
1:23 PM EST
.......for the top .1 %.


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