Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hummmmm....Try Voting for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump
By Thomas Williams
I really don't know if I could ever express how I feel about this Presidential election will enough to influence other people into doing what is best for our countrymen, and country, by choosing Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton on November 8 2016.

Even if I could perhaps write clearly enough to make a reasonable argument voting for Donald Trump. The Washington DC Country Clubs and Medias coordinated efforts are so well organized now that whatever I say will not overcome those obvious political forces and facts in this Presidential election. 

Because the numbers keeps saying that this election is just about a foregone conclusion with Black Americans voting 80-90% for Hillary Clinton. Along with an 80-90% Mexican American vote also for Hillary Clinton, coupled with a 45% white vote. That make a collection of Hillary Clinton votes that will be just too hard to overcome in that likely breakdown.

So calling Donald Trump Racist, Anti-Semitic, Misogynist, and Xenophobia, along with smearing all of the white people who is voting for Trump, has been working for the Democratic Party well enough to win.

So as long as the media keeps this coordinated effort to keep splitting the white people vote. By making people feel morally obligated to redress slavery, and racial discrimination by the white people who are the offspring of the white people who lived like that before we were born. Is the Medias social thing to do these days?

Along with influencing the Black and Mexican American people to keep totally voting according to their race. So by the Mexican/Black Americans block voting in the 80-90% range, along with the Chamber of Commerce, bureaucrats running our three branches of our US Government, media, that keeps splitting the white vote. Someone like me who really doesn't wake up thinking who do I want to screw over today, or simply hopes to be left alone by an overbearing US Government, media, doesn't stand much of a chance of stopping them now do I.

Apparently this US Government and media, has to many other American people addicted to spending everyone else money, on more and more social US Government programs.

Making everyone dependent on the people running Washington DC, media, for a long time to come.

Let’s see how can I influence my countrymen to vote against this country's media, and the people running our three branches of Government like that who keeps doing that to us? And to stop being intimated by this country's Chamber of Commerce, big money dealers who are coordinating their efforts to keep everything just the way it is.

Hummmmm....Try Voting for Donald Trump.

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