Sunday, July 24, 2016

I would like to see the people fix what is wrong, and help America, even if you do not Hillary.

Michaeline Foehlinger
Michaeline Foehlinger: Not enough words . So disgusted, frustrated and angry with our American news system. They are so wrong and Un-American. Worst of all is no conscience or shame. Wow where do we go from here?
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: The US Government and media are falling apart with each passing day. Because when we have our News Networks going in different directions as our everyday reality that we are living, I don't know what to say.

This Washington DC group of powerful people and media are telling us that the outsider Donald Trump is really the dangerous one. And that the people running the three branches of the Washington DC Government and media are OK, in spite of all of the Government corruption that the American people now know about.

I don't think there is a place in the world that doesn’t know how to put on a Show of grieving better than the United States media, a Show for the TV cameras. The media started publicly tearing at the American people heart strings during the Vietnam War in the 1970s. And kept that sort of sensationalizing grief and suffering up about the US soldiers’ harsh war wounds, and death. And were only victims of this country’s lack of social morality that we keep afflicting on this world.

We the American people respect our Military soldier’s injury and dead without spilling our guts publicly. Because no one grieves privately anymore and that seem very odd to me since the Vietnam War.

We were getting exploited in the Vietnam War by the TV Networks personalities who were biting off more than they could chew. And that our country’s leaders like President Lyndon Johnson did nothing about that TV media bull talk back then. And should have put a stop to those TV lies and not letting them go without public consequence.

We lost that Vietnam War because President Lyndon Johnson lack the talent to get the hell out the way, so this country’s military could do what they do best. Win wars. Not because our country lack of social morality values that the US media kept saying.

We are truly not much more than a speck of dust alive for a very short time in this vast university. And that is truly humbling to me. But too many of our countrymen like the people who are working in this country’s media take another point of view, and do not want to take that prospective. Placing a lot of importance on their own personality and want to go through all of this moralizing about what they are doing social.

Maybe there is just too many people in the world and that the end of the world really is coming. Because no one get along anymore and is a scary prospect that when the population in the United States does get along, they invent not getting along. Creating bad feeling with a lot of redressing of the racial history in America past, that is long gone and impossible to change now.

Our country’s media, President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton have only made everything worse. And that Donald Trump had nothing to do with. We are getting so much bull talk from this country’s media these days that I can hardly listen anymore.
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