Saturday, July 2, 2016

Love is the answer

Thomas Williams: When I was 14 I was dating Linda. Who stayed friends with me until she passed away just recently at 73 years old.

The people in my life back then just wanted to be ourselves. So that is what we did. As I worked on at lease 100 jobs before I was 18 as the other people in my life went in all directions. Linda just dated men living the way she wanted to.

We were afraid of everything that walked, and crawled, especially people on the mean streets in New Orleans. Years went by like a fast moving motion picture film catching the moment of our life for all eternity.

I suddenly married a woman who thought that I was everything, and stayed married for 30 more years. So now if I would dated another woman it would kill me. Because there is a lot of in between days, and night, to our life that would take a lifetime of struggle, hardship, spills and thrills to tell.

So I learned that fear is a destructive emotion that stops you from feeling all of your other greater feeling. Don't give into fear, and just look both ways before you cross the street.

Other people can surprise you sometimes so stop worrying about everything - money come and goes in a minute, and don't rush death, because that happens soon enough.

Love is the answer if you are lucky enough to share it with the right person.......


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