Friday, July 1, 2016

Pitiful, just pitiful.

David I. Odimba to Friends Who Support Donald J. Trump

Judy Davis
Judy Davis: Hate this huzzy
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Ralph Taylor
Bob Brixey
Bob Brixey: yes to destroy our nation and probaly the world she needs to be gone at once
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Ralph Taylor
Ralph Taylor: She should live in Saudi Arabia , she'll get a good shave." Guillotine ".
Wes Ziebarth
Wes Ziebarth: she and obama laugh at this horrible slaughter obama let terror in and hillary will make it legal how sad
Barbara Frazier
Mary MacDonald
Mary MacDonald: Absolutely NO . but insider pols and liberal loons think otherwise.
Ted L. Ridings
Ted L. Ridings Absolutely NOT!😡
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: Bill Clinton waited for Loretta Lynch Plane. Then some other people departed that plane, Clinton went aboard as the FBI refuse to let cell phone pictures of this meeting.

So we read they only chatted about his Grandchildren. Now really these people truly think you and everyone else are stupid dolts.This is how insulating these people are to us assuming that we would go along with that explanation and denial.


Hell, this is so bad that even the Washington Post are admitting as much. If this doesn't show that it is all rigged then nothing else will.

Pitiful, just pitiful.

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