Saturday, July 16, 2016

RIP: in memory of Muustafa Ataturk.

Thomas Williams

I am sure there is a lot of people feeling like I do right now looking at this strong man running Turkey stage his political propaganda Show. To keep purging out the Turkey secular inclined Military people sworn to the memory of Muustafa Ataturk Democratic Government, that Ataturk created after the First World War

This guy President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been systematically purging the Turkey military of these secular minded people since 2002, when he took power. And has been realigning himself with the religious minded Muslims population, like ISIS. And helping to restore the religious fanatics back into running the Show in Turkey.

If the Turkey Military really does feel like that they needed to have a coup against President Erdogan, between the people who want a secular Government and who don't. The coup looks like that it has failed, or was a bogus Coup Show in favor of Erdogan to begin with.

The people involved have been killed, or will be done away with soon, surrendering to Erdogan authority.

Yes! I guess they went after Erdogan because he was going beyond what was tolerable to the Turkey military. Erdogan has probably purged the Turkey Military of the people he did not want running it all along.

He has been in power since 2002, and the fact that he is still in there now leads me to believe that he wanted to solidify his position running Turkey. It looks like the Turkey Army should have done this a long time ago, and this could be just too late for tears now.

Erdogan has the popular religious population on his side intimating the secular Turkey population into submission. And therefore ISIS is winning for real if what we are seeing before our very eyes is true.

RIP: in memory of Muustafa Ataturk.


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