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Ted Cruz met with Obama prior to RNC,

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Ted Cruz met with Obama prior to RNC, Endorses Hillary, Rick Perry set to Destroy Cruz

Posted by EU Times on Jul 24th, 2016 // 34 Comments

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz met with Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi just days before the Republican National Convention, allegedly to talk about the police murders that are taking place around the country at the hands of the BLM movement and attend the memorial service to honor the five fallen officers in Dallas.

The meeting was kept top secret and virtually no mainstream media reported about this bizarre meeting between Barack Obama and Ted Cruz despite being photographed by the renowned Associated Press news agency.

Only local small news outlets reported on this meeting, sites like The Dallas Morning News for example, but where’s FOX News on this? CNN, MSNBC, ABC? Anyone big?

Obama gave Ted Cruz a ride in his presidential plane Air Force One all the way from Washington DC to Dallas, Texas to attend the memorial service of Black Lives Matter slain police officers. Why would Ted Cruz go with Barack Obama, his supposed nemesis and number one enemy of the country?

The only explanation given by an official on why Ted Cruz traveled with all his new Democrat buddies on board the Air Force One plane was given by spokesman Phil Novack who said: “President Obama invited Senator Cruz to travel on Air Force One to the memorial service to honor the fallen officers in Dallas. The Senator accepted the invitation.”

But it is rather dubious that Cruz would meet Obama just days before the RNC considering the disgusting show he put at the RNC with his speech where he basically told the Republicans to “vote your conscience” basically meaning to vote for whoever you want rather than for the nominee Donald Trump… INCLUDING Hillary Clinton who he bashed during the primaries.

Unless we are mentally ill and unable to draw logical conclusions we should believe the narrative that Cruz met with Obama and Pelosi just to talk about the cop killings. This is more of a “connect the dots” article so we hope everything will make sense after you finish reading this.

We strongly believe that Ted Cruz met with Obama to talk about the RNC and what Ted’s new role would be in the narrative of the Democrats and how he would aid and support them.

Many Ted Cruz Texas delegates now view Cruz as helping directly or indirectly Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump. Some indicated that they would never vote for Ted Cruz again, regardless of what office he may choose to run for in the future. One Cruz delegate even held a sign “Clinton/Cruz 2020” in front of him.


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