Saturday, July 2, 2016

The game is rigged.

Joe Chavez Ptak to Cowboy Logic Restoring America Forum
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Donald Trump talks to radio host Mike Gallagher on the Thursday broadcast of his nationally syndicated show about former President Bill Clinton's private meeting…
Joe Chavez Ptak
Joe Chavez Ptak: Bill Clinton is a witness in the middle of an investigation, and he himself is targeted with the Clinton Foundation.
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Adron Hester
Adron Hester: That has to be almost the stupidest thing Clinton has ever done! Lynch, must step aside now. That was the stupidest thing she has done so far!
Tracey Schaefer
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: These election on either side of the Ocean is all about our Government leaders sickening behavior.

Struggling against the inner corruption of our own Government tolerating even this barbaric terrorism. And is enough to make us all feel like throwing up.

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