Friday, July 1, 2016

The truth hurt.

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Can you believe they were fired for this?!
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Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: The people running America is now getting tied up in gender identity because of some kind of social moral obligation coming out of a liberal Government social experiment. When that is only someone else personal problems that our Government shouldn't be thinking about.

People make choices in the way they live that has nothing at all to do with morals, and they don't need our sanction to do what they are doing. So what in the world is this US Government doing making other people personal lifestyle choices into law?.... Isn't that the height of rudeness forcing someone else to listen to other people personal problems.

America was not like that 50 years ago. We were polite to each other and always dressed appropriately in public. When dressing normal and cool was fun.

So the social corruption of this country US Government and media is now letting the house of freedom burn down. By saying that everything is still OK and our country's Government is really not ripping us off, when we can see for yourself that the people running this Government and media are a corrupted mess.

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