Sunday, July 31, 2016

Why I don't believe not showing your ID is an equal way to vote.|By Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Ken Buuck: I agree voter fraud from our courts!

Mike Spagnola
Mike Spagnola: Voting in this country is brvoming a joke. Non residents of a state can vote, illegals sneak into vote, college kids can vote at their college (the law used to be you voted where your legal address was). This has been going on for years. As a former po...See More
Shaun Gross
Shaun Gross: Well then it's time we stand up and fight with are fist and guns, no more bs from these crooks. They lie and cheat constantly.
Jerri Abrams-Cheeseman
Jerri Abrams-Cheeseman: Another official that needs to go bye bye
Aldous Homer
Aldous Homer: Must be some way to identify the person as a citizen registered to vote by LAW.
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: So why does the liberals like Bill and Hillary Clinton keep wanting us all to start being equal in every way. Except when we all go to vote with your own ID proving who we are.
Katie Line
Katie Line: Good question!
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