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Bernie Sanders To Supporters: It’s Hillary Or Bust

At the Democratic National Convention, Sanders said he would do “everything” he could to make sure Clinton becomes president.

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Kate Sheppard Enterprise editor/Senior reporter, The Huffington Post
Zach Carter Senior Political Economy Reporter, The Huffington PostPHILADELPHIA ― Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) walked into the Wells Fargo Center on Monday night with a tough assignment he never wanted: bringing his passionate but frustrated supporters under the banner of Hillary Clinton, a politician he had sharply criticized for the past six months.

Until Sanders spoke, the first day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention had been dominated by conflict, with Sanders supporters leading anti-Clinton protests around Philadelphia’s city hall and haranguing delegates as they entered the arena ― named, some noted, for a bank that Sanders wants to break up. Chants of “Bernie! Bernie!” broke out during the event’s opening prayer, and even Sanders’ closest ideological ally in the Senate, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, had to speak through sporadic protest chants during her speech just moments before Sanders’ own moment in the limelight.

Sanders quickly transformed the evening into a final, fevered hurrah for the political revolution that had not quite proved strong enough to win him the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. The tension that had permeated the arena for much of the evening morphed into a celebration as Sanders heralded his supporters and detailed the policy changes his team had won in the Democratic Party’s platform.

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Thomas Williams ·

We have a generation of people now who want their lives funded for free.

That is the story of this election.

Why don't we make the minimum wage $35 dollars an hour? If we are going to set up income equality, why not make it $35 dollars an hour. The logic is you are going against what the market is paying. And what does a minimum wage mean because who defines it.

How are the liberal going to justify making $15 or $35 dollars when you do not deserve that kind of salary according to your skill level. Making poor life style choices doesn't entitle you the same salary as a person who earns more because they were discipline enough to keep training and learning more.

Developing a higher skill level, and getting paid what you earn. Getting free stuff is not necessarily living free, you know what I mean.
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