Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ain't it the truth.

Our media seems to be in a social mind bend believing in their own propaganda that keeps them living in fear of their own paranoia about you and I, and that they are doing all of this by themselves.

Because the media sold their soul for the access to absolute power.

The media wants a professional politician that they can have free access to along with the knowledge of knowing that the big money dealers are moving the politicians around on a string in the Show of crony capitalism. So all of this racist talk and sensitivities over gender that the media keep quarreling with the American people about. Keeping the equal rights TV Show going along while also given the tax payers money to immigrant who are illegal travelers moving back and forth across this country's boarder. Strengthening with the growing numbers of Mexican people in the pack with Washington DC to vote Democratic for welfare and free stuff from the U.S. Government. That the media has been going along with that social scheme for years now and is becoming more and more exposed because of the internet to the American people like us. And that the media are starting to get cut by their own false witness TV corrupted sword, and now they don't like it and are calling us the American people ugly names like racist, etc.

That is the TV pastime of the media elitist club that keeps distracting the American people from how the Washington DC establishment is really running America. Selfishly fixing their own self-serving position in the membership of the American aristocracy club, that keep playing along with how Washington DC is really run. That the media is working hand and glove with our American Government to keep ripping us off.

So if the everyday American citizen would finally see how this country is really run, I think that they might riot in the streets. Something like the French people did in the French Revolution of 1789 - 1799.

How do you like the media gathering around in their TV studio siting and talking about all of their individual insights when the same media people have been knowing all along about everyone real time business.

So just who is kidding who siting around in a mind bend conversation when and where the American people cannot change the way Washington DC is run. And that the media knows it but keep talking like the 2016 Presidential election is a real horse race, when in fact nothing is going to change at all.
Unless the American people elect someone like Donald Trump as President, and also replace every member in the U.S. Congress, and Supreme Court.

So what kind of a chance do we the people have in really doing that?

Yeah, this guy truly got OWNED!

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