Monday, August 15, 2016

All of the snobs in Washington DC that seem to be represented on our televisions sets.

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All of the snobs in Washington DC that seem to be represented on our televisions sets. Makes me see red each and every time I hear one of the TV Network personalities talk to their programs panel about the 2016 Presidential campaign.

“Is Hillary Clinton going to run away with her campaign in the Democratic Party even if she feels like that she is dated as an establishment leader, to an anti-establishment electric.”

And on and on the snobs keep talking about Hillary Clinton and now also about Donald Trump in the Republican side of the Presidential race. Two heads of the same coin running to see which candidate is the chosen winner among the American voter.

But of course making no real difference to the two ruling Political Parties. Because as always the DC establishment runs Washington DC just the way it is, for as long as anyone can remember. And will go on running Washington DC just the way it is.

Can’t you tell just how confident the snob class are as they keep discussing what political perception powers they have with each other? That we the people are allowed to listen in on as they keep looking and sounding very insufferable to me.

Yes the insider’s elitist club are the well-established snob members of the third kind on our television sets in the American aristocracy.

And who come out into the general public to disgust how much they know about the Presidential race that always ends up the same way.

That one of the two political party candidate will be inaugurated as the next President of the United States. Because the American people really doesn't have another choice between the Republican, or Democrat.

Yes! The snob club has been discussing what they know about the smart way to run Washington DC and why, for a very long time now. Sharing with the population of the United States their superior political powers so we the American people can live a better life. See how smart they are, and how they are always one step ahead of you and me. That they are the Gods of the elitist club who keep telling us the people of the United States just what and how not to think, and feel.

Don't you just love the TV networks employing the most popular personalities that keep broadcasting to our countryman just how well they are looking out for our country's populations better interest? And that the TV Network snobs seem to truly love their own self-image so very much because of their good social deed, don't you think?

I wonder if those popular TV personalities also think that they are divine something like the Roman empires once thought, all those many years ago.

Now how many times are we now going to hear about the life of a Woman, Black, or gay person Mr. and Mrs. Media?

As the DC Country Club keeps telling us how dangerous and inappropriate Donald Trump will be as this country's next President.

So when was the last person who doesn't belong to Tweedledee or Tweedledum two political parties elected by us as a public official in America today?

Wow! Are you getting the same impression of the media that I am Mr. and Mrs America?

That this American liberal media doesn't really like normal American people living in this country today.
In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Donald Trump said he expects to face Vice President Joe Biden in the general election.
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