Saturday, August 27, 2016

Working on only an entire generation of uneducated children.

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This is an excellent read, she brings up a good point, what would the rallies look like if some supporters weren't scared of being attacked by Nazi Crooked Hillary followers? MASSIVE! 😎

When I went to my first Trump rally in California earlier this year I noticed two male protestors holding up signs with a picture of Donald Trump next…|By Liz Crokin
Thomas Williams:

Hillary Clinton Presidential talking points is working on only an entire generation of uneducated children for the benefit of the rip off artist living off of Wall Street’s hand and glove US Government political corruption.

These children voting for Hillary Clinton doesn't realize what kind of a chump they are becoming to Hillary Clinton cold hearted ambition for power.

Not until all of the harm is done to their country's way of life.

But of course that will be too late for tears and they along with Hillary Clinton will go down into the History books as just another bunch of double crossing louse to the hard working American people.


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