Sunday, August 28, 2016

City of New Orleans

Thomas Williams.

Hey that is Mother Nature for yea. Another hurricane blowing over a City like New Orleans that is below sea level. Who in their right mind would build a city on swamp land that is below Sea level?

And then live there for evermore crossing their finger that their clay levee’s would hold the forceful water power back from flooding over the below sea level city built on swamp land.

Fighting back Mother Nature over time is simply insane for the people going to all that expense work and trouble doing something very foolish like that.

Why didn’t the people who wanted to build a City called New Orleans back in the beginning, pick out land above instead of below sea level? And once the mistake was realized, change the place that they were building on.

Walk or ride up river and find a better place to build on for heaven sakes.

What kind of people would keep doing that?

Tropical Storm Madeline Could Threaten Hawaii Next Week

Aug 27 2016 11:15 PM EDT
By Jonathan Belles

Tropical Systems Lester, Madeline Threaten Hawaii
We are watching a couple of tropical systems in the Pacific that could impact Hawaii.

Madeline has formed in the open Pacific and is expected to gradually intensify over the next several days.

Here's the latest from the National Hurricane Center:
Tropical Storm Madeline is located just over 1000 miles east-southeast of Hilo, Hawaii.

Madeline is forecast to strengthen over the next couple of days, and could become a hurricane by late Sunday.

The system is no threat to the U.S. mainland, but it is headed in the general direction of Hawaii by Wednesday night or Thursday and could be solid tropical storm at that time.

Hawaii residents and visitors should be aware of the latest updates and make necessary preparations if Madeline targets the islands.

(MORE: Hurricane Season Outlook | Hurricane Central)
Check back with us at for updates on this system.
MORE ON WEATHER.COM: Images of Hurricane Eyes

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