Friday, August 26, 2016

Crazy behavior gone public.

22 hrs ·
Right now the students at the University of Texas are protesting a new law that allows CHL holders to legally carry on campus by doing what the girl is doing in this photo: walking around with dildos. Do you think this is an effective way to protest a new law?

Joe Cee
Joe Cee: Daddy's little girl right there.
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Patti Marie
Patti Marie: She mine as well be holding up a sign advertising "BEAT ME AND RAPE ME"...stupid imbecile! She deserves it!
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CariAnn Diaz
CariAnn Diaz: Exactly my thought
John Adams
John Adams: Probably had 2 moms
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Phillip Krause
Phillip Krause: Stores have run out of batteries, Hillary Clinton stops campaign and rushes in to help. Declares worst disaster in US history.
CariAnn Diaz
CariAnn Diaz: At first glance I see a bunch of rebellious children whose brains are not yet fully developed. On a more serious level, I see the devil and his minions. He's working overtime people. Stay strong and pray.
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: Austin Texas has turned into a place for crazy people. Because this young woman looks like a mental patient walking around in public when she should be institutionalized.

Or has the University of Texas become a place for crazy people instead?
Laurie Ward Raspantini
Chris VetranoSr
Chris VetranoSr: The Democrat Party over the last few decades have been altered. Apparently the Silent Communist Party has become so powerful within the Modern Day Democrat Party its so obvious now that the Communist have taken over the Democrat Party and when asked ab...See More

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