Tuesday, August 16, 2016

God almighty let us help each other instead.

God almighty what are the people running our country's Government doing.

Sending this country's inner City children to School that are just awful. And asking the men and women living in those crime ridden neighborhoods trapped in poverty, fighting to get a decent Job, or simply have a better opportunity and break for the people trying to live there.

Why has this country's inner city's neighborhood deteriorated to this low level? Where there is simply no way out for the poor people living there.

Let's push our country's sorry Government leaders aside and help the people living in this Country's inner City's ourselves.

After all we are the Carpenters, Electrification, Brick Layers, Teachers, and the rest...So all we really need is each other to help the people living under those bad social condition. To finally clean up and repair where they live, and to get that job done better all across America.

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