Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How God sees us matters so much more than how you and I see each other. And seems to explain to me about that thing called luck, that I struggle so hard to understand.

Robert Batton commented on this.
Thirty-seven years ago in the summer of 1980 during the final stages of that job killing disease, Labyrinthitis, and a few short months from reinstatement to flight status with Continental Airlines. Apparently I could not afford a haircut or a razor...

Barbara Fiddler
Barbara Fiddler really Hot Stuff
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Robert Batton
Robert Batton Young and ready to go back to the cockpit..
Isaac Gallegos
Isaac Gallegos Cool Bob. I like the tie myself.
Olivia Batton
Olivia Batton Dad kind of looks like you, well in his younger days. Rose Batton
Robert Batton
Robert Batton: You are spot on Olivia...
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Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams: Goofiness! What you must look like now? And thank God he bless us with his divine attitude so we can look good to other people anyway. So I do know that God loves us now, because otherwise ugly people like us wouldn't have a chance at all.

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